About Me

     Hello friends!  My name is Tina and I currently reside in northwest Pennsylvania. I'm a student at Pennstate and currently majoring in Psychology. But enough of that bullshit. Here's the thing - I really hate writing bios because its weird for me to talk about myself so much. So instead of telling you about where I go to school and work, here's an 'about me' in relation to this blog.

I've been fond of makeup for as long as I can remember. I'm not limited to just a fondness of makeup though. I have obsessions in nail polish, jewelery, fashion, purses, and home decor. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a total girly girl. But I have a lot of facets to my personality that you probably wouldn't guess. Like, that I swear like sailor and actually enjoy sitting on the floor. Besides that, I also love art - drawing and painting mostly. I have a deep appreciation and love for music. And to top it off I love the outdoors... a lot. I can go days camping without my straightener and makeup :) That's just a snippet of things I love but truly the list is endless.
I made this blog because I think its fun to share all about makeup, beauty, fashion, home decor, art, music, the outdoors -- BASICALLY everything beautiful!! I've learned a lot from other's blogs/videos and found great inspiration along the way. Hopefully you'll find some helpful information here and possibly even some inspiration for yourself!


PS. This is not a make up blog