Sunday, June 24, 2012

Macy's BOGO handbag sale

Last Saturday me and my folks went camping for the weekend. I guess my mom thought that being totally away from civilization, technology, and a mall would be a great time to tell me that Macy's was having a buy one get one free sale on handbags. Are you kidding me!? I'll be honest, the last thing I need is a new handbag but that deal is just too good to pass up. Well, I did pass it up - not my choice, mind you.

So fast forward a week and my mom brings it up again. I had actually forgotten all about it by that time. But now I'm salty all over again ha. (I know, I'm being dramatic). I think my mom could sense the depression kicking in so she surprised me with what was supposed to be a Christmas present:


I love it. :) Yay for Macy's sales.

Question of the day: When did the word "purse" become so obsolete? I always called them purses but noticed I was the only one. Someone explain this to me!

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